How to Apply

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  2. Go to Contact Us if you have any further questions
  • The Qualification
  1. Bachelor’s Degree or higher in any discipline from an accredited university
  2. Preferred candidates include recent graduates, upcoming graduates, or graduates within the last 5 years
  3. Citizen of The United States with a valid passport
  4. No prior criminal history


  • Screening
  1. If qualified, one of our representatives will contact candidate to schedule an interview
  2. Resumes will be screened for qualifications
  3. Highland Learning will confirm your contact information via email or phone
  4. Online interviews will be conducted via Skype video conference
  • Contract
  1. Sea Dragon Education will formulate a contractual agreement for candidate's approval
  • Visa and Travel
  1. After completing the Training and Certification Programs in China, the Business Visa will be converted to a Work Visa, sponsored by Sea Dragon Education, at no costs to candidate
  2. Sea Dragon Education and Highland Learning will assist candidates with Business Visa application (currently $140 for 10 Years) at candidate’s own expense.
  3. The traveling schedule will be set accordingly. The costs of roundtrip flights to and from China, (normally ranging from $800 to $1500) will be evenly deducted from the monthly salary. Half of the expense will be reimbursed by Sea Dragon Education upon completing the year-long contract.
  • Orientation and Certification
  1. Short-term Orientation and Training Programs will be provided by Sea Dragon Education. Training content will depend on the candidate’s prior teaching experience and major.
  2. A Certificate (License) will be issued by the Chinese Government Education Authority Body to the candidate upon the completion of training.
  3. The Work Visa will be issued thereafter, with sponsorship from Sea Dragon Education
  • Accommodation
  1. Comfortable accommodations will be provided with immediate access generally within walking distance to assigned school; as part of the benefits package.
  2. Nearby conveniences include shopping, dining, exercise facilities, etc.
  • Work Details
  1. Primarily teach and interact with students in assigned English classrooms for designated educational institution
  2. Facilitate a friendly environment for the learning and growth of our future generations
  3. May be included in additional curriculum depending on experience/expertise
  4. Participate in extracurricular activities with added incentives


  • Support
  1. Sea Dragon Education Support Lines provides 24/7 assistance for professional and personal issues
  2. Any complaints can be filed with the Sea Dragon Support Team Manager in Shenzhen

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