Why and How to Work with Us

  • Programs for Teaching in China: Highland Learning International is the exclusive agent of SeaDragon Education Inc. in Shenzhen, China, for recruiting English teachers from the States to teach in China. SeaDragon Education is authorized by Chinese Education Bureaus that provides work visa sponsorship, training programs, and certification.
  • Competitive pay and benefit package:
    1. Monthly salary from $1000 to $3000 covering summer vacation with yearly contracts
    2. Free Contract and Payroll Management Program for payment risk free
    3. Free Training Programs and Certification for Teaching in China valid for lifetime
    4. Living Allowance Program to provide comfortable living place nearby the school
    5. Free Insurance Program including medical and life
    6. Free Chinese Language Program to benefit future career development
    7. Visa Application Assistance Program to reduce the uncertainties
    8. Traveling Arrangement Program to easy the troublesome or time-consuming processes
    9. Opportunity to attend local universities to pursue further degrees during working in China
    10. With the package listed above will make candidate’s working and living be much higher and more comfortable than locals with the median monthly income less than $1000 without other benefits.
  • 24/7 local working and living supports: Sea Dragon has its business subsidiaries in the cities where the teaching positions are assigned. So it provides 24/7 local hot-line supports to solve any problems associated with working and living.
  • Local Community Activity for holidays and vacations
    1. Regular meet-up group-events and parties,
    2. Holiday tours in local resorts in history, culture, landmark, etc.
    3. Vacation Tour or Camp Programs including traveling, exploring, learning, researching, etc.
  • Meet new friends and professionals coming all over the world to expend social connections         
Training class for certifications